Season 5 of Stranger Things will attempt to avoid introducing new characters.

Season 5 of Stranger Things, according to the Duffer Brothers, would concentrate on the show’s original characters in an effort to avoid introducing any new ones.

According to the writers of the show, Stranger Things season 5 will make an effort to avoid adding new characters to the story. Early this year, Season 4 of Stranger Things made its streaming service debut.

It quickly broke all previous records for viewership, receiving 1.352 billion hours of viewing in the first 28 days. The most popular English-language Netflix series right now is Stranger Things, and on July 1, when Season 4’s Part 2 was released, there was a server overload that caused Netflix to crash.

Despite the fact that many of the primary characters in the series have been around since season 1, Stranger Things has a solid history of introducing new fan favourites later in the run of the show.

Max Mayfield played by Sadie Sink in season 2 and Billy Hargrove by Dacre Montgomery in season 3, as well as Robin Buckley by Maya Hawke in season 3, were all highly-liked by viewers. Eddie Munson, the now-iconic character played by Joseph Quinn, wasn’t introduced until season 4.

Even though Eddie only made an appearance in one season of Stranger Things (and many fans fervently hoped for his comeback in season 5), Quinn’s character has gained enormous popularity, demonstrating how adeptly the show introduces new characters.

“I just like shaking it up, so we shake it up by changing the plot or adding in a new monster. We’re doing our best to resist [adding new characters] for Season 5. We’re trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters, I guess.

Despite the fact that later seasons of Stranger Things saw enormous success with newly introduced characters, the Duffer Brothers appear to want to concentrate on adored fan favourites now that season 5 is drawing to a close.

The final season of the hugely popular show will mostly concentrate on the people that viewers have been with for years in order to offer Stranger Things a sense of closure and completeness rather than introducing new cast members and characters.

There are plenty of topics to cover in season 5 without adding any new characters because of the ensemble cast’s considerable size.

However, as previous seasons have demonstrated, not including new characters need not equate to only emphasising individuals that are still living. For instance, even though Billy was killed off at the conclusion of season 3, Montgomery returned to the show for season 4, allowing viewers to learn more about his connection with Max.

In a similar vein, despite Eddie’s passing at the end of season 4, many fans are hoping to see more of him in season 5. Fans of Stranger Things still have time to wait and speculate about what will happen to their favourite characters in the show’s last season since season 5 is anticipated to premiere on Netflix in late 2023 or early 2024.

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