Photos from the Percy Jackson set reveal the Camp Half-Blood Armor costumes.

The armored uniforms from Camp Half-Blood for Capture the Flag are seen for the first time in set photographs from the new Disney+ Percy Jackson series.

Photos from the set of the next Percy Jackson TV series show what the armour of Camp Half-Blood will resemble. Percy Jackson & The Olympians, a hugely popular book series by Rick Riordan, serves as the inspiration for the television programme.

It was revealed in May 2020 that the series will have a TV adaptation that would be available only on Disney+, following the release of two somewhat successful film versions. In Vancouver, shooting got underway on June 2, 2022, and Riordan expects Percy Jackson to hit theatres in the first few months of 2024.

The Lightning Thief (2010) and Sea of Monsters (2013), two franchise movies based on the Percy Jackson books, had a wildly disparate amount of positive and negative reviews.

The films received harsh criticism from devoted readers of the original book series since they considerably departed from the source material, and Riordan himself acknowledged having little to no creative control over them.

However, Riordan is actively involved in the production of the new Percy Jackson TV series and has given the show his blessing in its early stages.

Even though nothing has been made public, there have been some sneak glimpses. For instance, behind-the-scenes images have previously hinted to the site of Camp Half-Blood, a significant setting in the books. Percy and his fellow demigods train and frequently reside at Camp Half-Blood.

In a social media post from @hotyturner, two extras dressed as Camp Half-Blood soldiers in Vancouver were seen on set. Under battle-torn brass armour, the two actors are donning bright orange shirts that are probably the recognisable Camp Half-Blood shirts.

The actors are allegedly filming the Capture the Flag scene from the first Percy Jackson book, according to the post. Look at the image below:

One of the most recognisable scenes from The Lightning Thief is the Capture the Flag segment. In the books, demigods can battle one another and monsters in the Camp Half-Blood game Capture the Flag.

As a result of Percy’s first Capture the Flag match, his godly father Poseidon claims him, setting off the rest of the series’ narrative.

Because the Capture the Flag section is one of the most crucial parts of The Lightning Thief, it was incorporated in both the novel and the movie version, which merged the stories of multiple other Percy Jackson books.

The orange Camp Half-Blood shirts that are so common in the books were not incorporated in the film adaptations, despite the fact that the armour itself resembles that worn in the Percy Jackson movies.

Even if it’s a minor point, Riordan’s close engagement with the production and the TV series’ goal to be much more true to the original source material than earlier Percy Jackson adaptations are both indicated by it.

Fans should rest easy knowing that this adaptation is making an effort to be true to Riordan’s novels even though they may have to wait until 2024 to watch the Percy Jackson TV series.

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