First significant TV role for Keanu Reeves in new Scorsese/DiCaprio series

After beginning negotiations in January, Keanu Reeves has been formally cast in Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Devil in the White City series.

With the Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio television series Devil in the City, Keanu Reeves is taking his first significant step into the medium.

The series is based on Erik Larson’s 2003 non-fiction book of the same name, which told the tales of serial murderer H.H. Holmes and legendary World’s Fair builder Daniel Burnham.

Burnham designed the World’s Fair in 1893 and Holmes lured his victims to his beautifully built Murder Castle. After receiving mostly positive reviews upon publication, The Devil in the White City immediately became a New York Times bestseller and won several accolades.

Since Leonardo DiCaprio first bought the rights to the book with the intention of making a movie out of it, work on an adaptation of The Devil in the White City has stalled for well over a decade.

Prior to the film’s nine years of stagnant development, Martin Scorsese had been slated to direct with Paramount Pictures serving as producer.

However, plans changed when the two brought the concept to Hulu to develop into a series. It seems like The Devil in the White City show is finally making significant progress after this protracted development cycle.

Keanu Reeves’ formal casting in the Hulu series Devil in the White City has been announced by Deadline. The limited series will be executive produced by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have been working on an adaptation of the book for more than ten years. No start date for Devil in the White City’s production has been determined as of this writing.

Reeves first began negotiations to join the Scorsese and DiCaprio production a few months prior to the announcement of his casting in The Devil in the White City. When the project was still being developed as a movie, the latter actor had previously been linked to the lead role.

The Oscar winner was supposed to play Holmes, and no actor had ever been chosen for the part of Burnham. It would be fascinating to see if DiCaprio still decides to play Holmes for the long-gestating Devil in the White City adaptation or if he is passing the keys over to Reeves given that the most recent casting announcement has not yet revealed who Reeves is attached to feature as in the programme.

Devil in the White City will be Keanu Reeves’ first significant TV playing part despite making his small-screen acting debut. Reeves is a well-known star in the film industry.

Since the first John Wick film, he has revived the Matrix and Bill & Ted franchises, as well as made cameo appearances in everything from Always Be My Maybe to The SpongeBob Movie:

Sponge on the Run as himself and DC League of Super-Pets as Batman. His casting in the new Scorsese and DiCaprio show is the latest chapter in this recent resurgence.

It will be intriguing to see what additional high-profile talent Devil in the White City can attract now that Reeves has officially been confirmed to star in the programmer.

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