Expansion of the Billings Townsite Historic District

The Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board is currently pursuing the expansion of the Billings Townsite Historic District to include additional properties on Montana Avenue, South Broadway and Minnesota Avenue. We began this process last winter at the request of several property owners in the Montana and Minnesota Avenue corridors. We held a public meeting in January, 2004, and in June we surveyed all the property owners in the proposed expansion area to determine the level of support. In response to their petition and positive reaction to our survey, the YHPB authorized the continued phased expansion of the existing historic district. The work to achieve the expansion will be completed in partnership with the Western Heritage Center, under contract to the City of Billings, and will include a zone change and completion of the nomination materials for the National Register of Historic Places. Contact Lora Mattox, Historic Preservation Officer, at 657-8286 or MattoxL@ci.billings.mt.us, for more information about the continuing expansion of the historic district.

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