Bricks & Boards

 Bricks and BoardsSince 1998, the Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board and the Western Heritage Center have invited young people to document their favorite buildings in downtown Billings and Laurel. During this fall event, local youngsters are given cameras and information on architecture and, accompanied by their parents, they are invited explore their downtown environs with an eye towards photographing historic buildings, architectural elements and signs. A Bricks and Boards exhibit, displayed in the Community Gallery of the Western Heritage Center during the spring, shares their creative perspectives and delightful descriptions of the buildings we all cherish.

2003-2004 Project Coordinators: Kevin Kooistra, Maggie Weamer and Franco Little Light

 2003-2004 Design and Production: Kirby Bakken of CTA Architects Engineers

 Special thanks to the 2003-2004 Bricks and Boards sponsors: Albertson’s, CTA Architects Engineers, Osco Drug, Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board, Western Heritage Center, and the young photographers who made this project possible.

To book Bricks and Boards for exhibition or to obtain copies of the exhibit panels for a nominal fee, please contact Kevin Kooistra, Western Heritage Center, at 406-256-6809, ext. 127, or

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